Sunday, April 4, 2010

obamas caring touch

well, i thought i would kick off this little blog with some recent issues. the main one obviously being the healthcare bill that was recently passed by congress. first, the pros: it will end the practice of turning down children based on any pre-existing conditions that they might have, will end the insurance companies ability to drop somebody when they get get sick, includes preventitative care w/o co-pays, will force insurance companies to state how much they are paying in overhead costs (to keep em honest), and provide better coverage for retirees. obviously, there are a few more out there, but you get the idea.

now, the cons: it isnt really "free" because the american taxpayer will pay a higher taxes to afford it, or the nation will see a decreased budget in other areas such as education, or national defense, we'll see a loss of jobs in the insurance industry which is never good but especially not during a recession. since the IRS is gonna be taking care of the records and what not, there is going to be less patient confidentially, and there are going to be ridiculous wait times on doctor visits.

personally, i think that when obama first proposed the bill, his heart was in the right place. i really do. i also feel that the insurance companies have grown corrupt and have stopped caring about the patient long, long ago. however, now wasnt the time to pass the healcare bill. as it is, america is in crushing debt and should be more concerned with fixing the problems plauging us already *cough* porkbarrel spending *cough* PAC's *cough* bureaucracies *cough* than looking to extend ourselves even further. how does congress expect to pay for 340 million people's health insurance? also, congress's mindset is totally off. theyre throwing around the word "trillion" like theyre oredering a cappuchino instead of what it really is: 1,000,000,000,000 or 1 million millions. overall, its just a bad idea. i feel like the nation went from one extreme to another. it started as:

and ended up as:

so, to recap. the capitalist healthcare system was obviously corrupt and needed to be changed. and its great that those 30 million people will get insurance. but the change was too great, and many agree with me. a more moderate approach would have been ideal for the situation at hand. personally though, i think come november, we need to get rid of everybody in congress. yes, everybody. we need to start with a clean slate because all the back room deals and corruption in congress is only hurting one of the greatest nations in the world.

thats just my take on the issue. all second opinions are welcome, as always.

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